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PIGG’S PEAK – When she was told that her baby had been delivered, all that Thandiwe  Mndzebele wanted to see was at least it’s face but the baby did not have a head.

The deformity is similar to what is known as Anencephaly, which is a condition where there is an absence of the brain, skull or scalp.
The word literally means ‘headless’ in Greek.

Thandiwe  (17), who is from Ndlalambi, should have been a first-time mum but her baby was born with the rare deformity.
It could not be established whether the baby was born dead or died immediately after birth.

The strange looking baby born at the Pigg’s Peak Government Hospital only had limbs but no head or sign of its sex.
Thandiwe ’s mother, Chrisina Mndzebele, said she had been pregnant for about five to six months when she was rushed to the hospital.

The actual length of pregnancy, however, could not be confirmed from officials at the hospital as Thandiwe is still receiving treatment.
Dr Vusi Magagula, the Director in the Ministry of Health, said he was not available at work but that he would request someone to follow up on the matter. “We are very shocked about this,” said Thandiwe’s mother.

Christina said her daughter had appeared pregnant like any other normal pregnancy but trouble started when her water broke.
She was then rushed to Emkhuzweni Hospital, which is near Buhleni, but when medical staff checked her, they are said to have told her that there was a complication as the baby did not seem alive.

It was then that Thandiwe was rushed to the Pigg’s Peak Government Hospital, which is much more advanced and able to handle complicated cases like this one. This is said to have happened over a week ago.

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