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MANZINI – Has nyaope become the most famous drug in Swaziland?

Nyaope (also known as whoonga or wunga) is a highly addictive, dangerous and destructive street drug, which is common especially in South Africa. It is a fine white powder that is usually combined with marijuana (dagga) anti retroviral (ARV) drugs, among other components.

Many people have been appearing in court for being found in the illegal possession of dagga or in some instances, small amounts of cocaine.
However, a man shocked the court when he said he had been abusing nyaope which he bought from the bus rank.
Linda Tsabedze (25) of Bhekinkhosi was arrested by the police after he had stolen from his sister’s home valuable items amounting to E40 000.

The accused’s sister, Phindile Tsabedze, told the court that her items, which included a Toyota engine (E5 000), tractor grass cutter (E10 000), brush cutting machine, refrigerator, car doors, fence, plates and blankets among other things disappeared from her home after her younger brother had visited. She said she went to the police station to report that her valuable items had been stolen and statements were recorded.

Phindile said upon her return, she was informed by one of her neighbours that her brother was seen carrying some of the items and leaving her home. Linda was eventually arrested and later charged with the theft of the items.
During his appearance in court before Magistrate Mthokozisi Dlamini, Linda revealed that he was addicted to nyaope and needed urgent rehabilitation.
He also admitted that he committed the theft offence and stole from his sister to support his drug addiction.

“Your Worship, I am currently having difficulty quitting the drug and I need help. I have tried so many ways of getting clean and sober, however I seem to have failed. I would like the court to assist me find ways to be rehabilitated as I want to now go clean. I am tired of this drug as it has completely destroyed me and those around me,” Linda said in court.
When asked where he got the drug from, Linda stated that he always bought it at the bus rank, near a popular eatery.

Magistrate Dlamini sentenced Linda to four years imprisonment without a fine option. The magistrate said he hoped that the correctional facility, which Linda would be sent to, was the best for rehabilitation and upon his release he would have been greatly assisted and clean.

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