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MBABANE – Can an uncle be trusted with regards to female children in a family?

This question emanates from the statistics released by Swaziland Action Group against Abuse (SWAGAA) where 27 females reported sexual violation by their uncles while one male was sexually molested by an uncle.

These statistics were sourced by the organisation when computing the relationship between the survivor and the perpetrator.
Communications Officer of the organisation, Silindile Nkosi, said in most instances the next-of-kin were reported to be the abusers.


She said what was saddening was the diddle shown by local parliamentarians when it came to the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence (SODV) Bill that was yet to be passed.

Having said that, Nkosi, expressed hope following the stiff sentences pronounced by local courts to perpetrators of sexual violence.
She said the SODV Bill when enacted into law could be used as a guideline to be adhered to by all within the courts.

Furthermore, she said the office of the Chief Justice could come in handy by drawing up guidelines for judges and magistrates.
She said long-term sentences meted out against those who had violated fellow human beings showed recognition from the courts of the long-term complex and damaging psychological harm the act potentially has on the victim. 


Furthermore, the former scribe noted in most instances the people who violate females in most instances were people they trusted.
She reflected this on the fact that since the beginning of the year 15 fathers have violated their daughters.

Nkosi added that incest cases were not heard in court nor reported to the police due to the lack of proper instruments which deal with such cases. Currently, such cases were handled as rape and indecent assault.

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