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MBABANE – A businessman watched his two kombis burn to ashes after an alleged route war on Monday night.

Bafana Dlamini of Bulandzeni at an area called Mgulugulu, was woken up by a bright light coming from outside the house he was sleeping in at around 11pm.

When he went outside to check, he found his two public transport vehicles engulfed in huge flames.
The kombis serviced the Buhleni-Bulandzeni-Madlangempisi route in northern Hhohho.
There are a total of eight kombis which service this route, with the six belonging to other businesspeople.

“I know who started the fire and this person believes that I take all the customers when I am working,” Dlamini alleged in an interview yesterday. He said upon being woken up by the sudden ‘bright light’, he peeped through the window and saw his Quantum on fire.
Not believing what he was seeing, he jumped out through the window as the door was blocked by the burning vehicle.

Before jumping out, he picked up a bucket of water which was inside the house and tried to put out the fire but it was not enough to douse the flames. It is suspected that a flammable liquid, possibly petrol, was used to start the fire.

The other kombi parked next to the Quantum is said to have also caught fire. Both vehicles were extensively burnt. A close by rondavel was not spared from the flames as it had thatched roofing.
Dlamini said he was sleeping alone in the flat he rents.

He mentioned that only the smoke from the burning vehicles affected him and nothing was burnt inside his house.
The burnt rondavel did not have any occupants.

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