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MBABANE – “I love my husband.” This submission was made by Public Service Pension Fund (PSPF) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Cleopas Sipho Dlamini’s wife yesterday in court.

Dlamini has instituted divorce proceedings against his wife because, among other things, she allegedly practised religious beliefs obsessively and intolerably.

It has been 11 years since Dlamini and his wife have lived apart, but Cynthia told the court that she was still waiting for him to return.
She said she was aware that Dlamini allegedly lives with a certain woman she identified as Lomvula Hlophe.
The director of Kusile Enterprise said it did not matter that Dlamini was with Hlophe and that she had an extra-marital child with another woman.

Cynthia said her husband made a vow that he would be at their matrimonial home.
Advocate Smith, who has been instructed by Lindifa Mamba, asked Cynthia if it did not matter to her if her husband committed adultery as much as he wanted. Cynthia said as long as it was not to the extent of breaking up their marriage.

The advocate further asked Cynthia if she ever approached Dlamini to suggest that they get back together and her response was to the negative. She also said she never suggested marriage counselling to get their marriage on track.
She told the court that she only sent him messages because she did not know where he was.

Cynthia further informed the court that she still thought that their marriage could still carry on.
Cynthia disputed that she left their common bedroom to deny her husband conjugal rights.

Advocate Smith wanted to know why after 25 years her husband wanted to leave her if everything was fine.
“If you gave him conjugal rights and he had no problem with your religious beliefs, then why did he leave you?” asked the advocate.
Cynthia said her husband left because of an adulterous attraction.

She alleged that when Dlamini left, he went to stay with the Hlophe woman.
She also alleged that her husband stated that he did not leave because of her religious beliefs but to stay with Hlophe.

Advocate Smith wondered why for 11 years Cynthia did not do anything to get her marriage back on track. “I have always known that what took him away would fade and he would come back,” said Cynthia.


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