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MANZINI – In anticipation for her dance skills, the crowd sang praises to Princess Sikhanyiso before she took to the arena to perform a solo dance.

While the prelude of her first recorded praises to His Majesty’s King Mswati III played on the loud speakers, some members of the public who stood on their feet to get a clear view of her performance also sang praises to her.
One member of the Lutsango regiment was heard bawling that she was not only the princess from Ludzidzini Royal Residence, but also the princess of the whole land.
This attracted more attention to her before there were bursts of laughter from members of the public who also ululated as the princess performed.
Indeed, the princess did not disappoint with her creative dance moves.

Despite that the songs were traditional in the sense that drums were beating, the princess displayed a fusion of electrifying dance skills.
From brake dancing to moon walking and hip-shaking, the princess left spectators astonished.
This was in addition to the back-bending technique she performed at the main reed dance at Ludzidzini.
However, this time around, there was no male appreciator who came close to her like the last time, when Chief Hhoyi II had a moment with her.

Performing her giya dance on different songs, the princess continued to entertain the audience.
What was also out of the ordinary this time around was that the regiment which came to the fore to accompany her back to the main group of maidens who formed an arc shape, consisted of the other princesses from other royal residences, including Princess Temaswati.
Before they departed from the front of the arena, the two princesses showcased their impeccable dance skills before His Majesty the King and other dignitaries who graced the event.
The combination of the different colours of the attires worn by the imbali from various regiments made a beautiful sight under the dazzling lights.

When the duo reached the main arc, they again performed a short dance before waving their shields in the air as if waving goodbye. This marked the end of the reed dance ceremony.
This, though, left the people asking themselves what it signifies specifically. Some speculated that the princesses were communicating that they will not be returning as their regiments’ leaders next year.
 However, Imbali Overseer Hlangabeza Mdluli refuted that the gesture was a sign of the princesses leaving, but said it was part of the dancing skills that the princesses showcased on the evening.
“Akusho kutsi emakhosatana ayahamba; bekukudlalisela ingoma nje,” he said.
When Mdluli was asked whether there were any representatives from Chief Hhoyi’s palace, he said he neither saw the chief or anyone representing him at the reed dance.

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