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MBABANE – For Swazi Mobile Director Victor Gamedze, the idea to offer free shares was inspired by the belief among Swazis that they expected a foreign company to join the local mobile industry.

Gamedze said together with his team, they came up with the strategy because after being awarded the licence, they started seeing Swazis believing in them.
Worth noting is that this is the same man who once took the country by storm after opening a lotto company. Instead of revealing his secret of having a marketing skill, he chose to sing praises to the whole team that he works with.

“At first, we were aware that Swazis expected a South African company to operate. However, things changed after we won the tender as we started receiving messages of hope, with Swazis saying they believed in us. I would get messages from even old people telling me that they were praying for the company,” he said.

He mentioned that after seeing that many Swazis were behind the company, they then decided to come up with a strategy of showing that they were indebted to them.

“So this strategy is just about giving Swazis what is due to them. We felt that for now this is what befits the Swazi nation for believing in us and I can proudly say that more is coming,” he said.

He emphasised that the whole idea was not his alone, as he was working with a dedicated team including the company’s consultants and legal team. For the first time he revealed his business partner in the company, Mitchelo Shakantu, who is with Inyatsi.

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