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Globally, we have diverse realities, some are based on race, culture, religion and money, etc. Our realities are also divided along social and class lines, thus few people share a lived reality. Although we may share a worksite or some facilities, we are divided and this makes it easy for a few elite to dominate. Those who are invested in our structural and conceptual divisions, purposely divide us. What am I talking about? A worker travels to the city to work and returns home in to a far-away township. The worker rarely visits places and malls, as workers shop where they live, because  conveying groceries from those malls is an effort.


The worker will read about beautiful places but not consider visiting them. Attending events in the city after dark is crazy, because it is now unsafe, as criminals are everywhere. The Tinkhundla system played a major role in society, but our varied reality does also exist in other global societies. Dividing people is often beneficial for politics, business and profits for the dominant few. The point is that when the political and business elite conspire and increase the cost of bread and milk or taxes and rates etc, for example: Regular people are so divided that we cannot fight back or frankly do anything. It seems like the unemployed are there to frighten the working class, and the working class’ suffering frightens the middle class. The wealthy know this reality and they use it against us as a collective. For example: Thousands in the country are powerless and cannot influence the increasing cost of bread and milk, this is a clear sign of the power of the political and business elite.


To frighten the working class, the business and political elite have tacitly allowed many foreign nationals to operate in the kingdom. As regular folk, we must identify those who are liable for creating this climate of insecurity and fear. We must identify them by name, as these are also ‘enemies’ within our midst. They have created an opening for foreign drug dealers to corrupt our vulnerable youth and must be held liable. Who are they?

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