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When the current politicians took office, their mandate was to revive the economy as it was almost in ruins. They unveiled a strategic road map that was set to rebuild the economy which had been battered by years of mismanagement and corruption. We were told that government would step intentionally into a firm path of economic renewal and inclusive growth, driven by the need to create a better life for all emaSwati. Yes the pandemic deepened the economic crisis in the country, but the mismanagement in government is still continuing. I am at a loss for words to describe the situation of the public health care services as it has been allowed to deteriorate to all-time lows with no end in sight. Is mismanaging money in the country worth the lives of many emaSwati?


Drugs are essential in addressing the health needs of emaSwati and the continuous medication shortage issue points to a much deeper financial problem if lives of patients are put at risk because there are shortages of essential drugs. And questions that bother me each time the shortage of medication issue is raised are, is the ministry aware of its mission statement and where are our elected Members of Parliament in the midst of this crisis?

Are the ministry’s officials aware of its mission statement and have MPs forgotten about their constituencies? Do people’s lives matter or all they want from people are their votes? We have seen Parliament making a lot of noise about POCA, which was affecting a few people but not much noise on critical issues like the shortage of drugs and other shortcomings of our government. Has Cabinet forgotten its commitment and promise that no one will be left behind?


Perhaps those who are saying the nation deserves a government by the people are right. Why are the relevant stakeholders quiet and not taking the required steps to end this nightmare? This is a nightmare for those who cannot afford to buy medication from private pharmacies. Where is civil society in all of this? Cabinet must remember that we are our brothers and sisters’ keepers. Has the cash crisis reached uncontrollable levels? I ask this last question because I do not want to believe that government would decide to neglect the health of the people of this country deliberately.
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