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If you want something done right, do it yourself but always remember that no man is an island. Self-reliance can be described as the ability to rely on one’s own powers and resources to get things done and to meet one’s own needs. A person like this will also have the ability to look deeper into things as they want the best options, not what is at face value. They will also go out on their own without having to be told. They know that without this ability to seek ‘the truth’ they will not get very far.


What I have noticed about this type of people is the fact that they are no pushovers. They stand their ground not because they are ignorant, but because they have covered a lot of ground getting to where they are. They somehow feel like rather than ‘bothering’ someone else for a solution, it is better to go to their own vices instead of facing disappointment. Getting to this point is not easy as it means you usually are available for other people’s problems yet unable to solve your own.


Since we always look on the bright side, we shall focus on the positives. A positive outlook is key to surviving in this world. Thus then, to figure things out yourself means you always have an open-minded approach since you always want to set your stones on a solid foundation. The Bible speaks beautifully about setting your faith on a solid foundation. As a popular psychologist suggests, only intelligent people get depressed; having a solid foundation means you will always be able to discern truth from fiction.


This also goes to the person who thinks they hold all the keys to conventional wisdom. Alas then, when another person tries to drag your name in the mud you will be able to override the anger and depression. You will be able to either offer your own piece of advice or let things be. Popular wisdom says ‘to argue with a fool is to be one yourself’. Again the ability to find the solution means you will seek the best option and have the means to do so. This ability, to stay calm in the face of adversity, will only set you in good stead and those who understand will see the light as nothing such a person does is theirs alone.

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