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Humans have done so well, as a species that they have taken themselves out of the food chain. That is remarkable. Louis C K jokes that every other animal’s life ends with getting eaten. How awful would that be? Imagine you’re leaving your house in the morning; you open your front door to find a lion in your driveway. Now you have to outwit the lion before you get to work, argh. The flipside is not any rosier either, a lion can’t whip out a sandwich every time it gets hungry, it has to chase down and kill an animal that is running for dear life. Humans have circumvented the activity of hunting as a means for survival - now we think we’re clever.


Human narcissism is starkly displayed through religion. Humans believe that they embody divinity. We believe that we are destined for more life after we die. Other animals, however, will die and cease to exist. We believe we are special. Such beliefs are not only observed in religious circles, even the science community believed that the earth, because it is home to humans, was the centre of the universe until Galileo and his telescope came along. Today, 71 countries claim to have ‘a space programme’ and at least 65 of those countries acamba emanga! They are just spewing that to appear current. Come to think of space, did you know humans are attempting to contact extra-terrestrial life?


What is that for? Can someone tell me? What do we have to say to aliens? - “Oh, look at the museum of humanity. We’re cruel to each other, we have enough wealth and resources to sustain ourselves but we choose to give it to an elite one per cent, while the rest starve to death, we sexually abuse all our women to strip them of their power and dignity and shame them for exercising their freedom (and, on top of that, we underpay them), also we let politicians decide our fate.” If I were an alien, I wouldn’t be interested in contacting humans. My alien moral compass would find human conduct unacceptable. Let’s keep walking through this museum, we actually get more embarrassing.

Look here, humans who ‘love’ animals have created prisons where they house the beloved animals. They call these prisons ‘zoos’. The animals are removed from their natural habitat and kept in cages for the entertainment of other humans who, supposedly, ‘love’ animals. People who, again, ‘love’ animals, pay actual money to visit these prisons to take pictures to upload to their profiles. It’s astonishing really. It would be like having someone prove their love for you by locking you up in their bedroom and selling tickets to friends to come and view you through the window, and get this; for the rest of your life! Man, did we complicate life.

But I have to forgive you humanity; you gave us PlayStation and carrot cake. Also, Game of Thrones is not bad, so thanks. Humanity still has time to redeem itself and improve on the negatives highlighted herein as our sun has an estimated five billion more years before it burns out. Of course the apocalypse may come sooner if Ukraine and Russia taunt each other into nuclear warfare. It is unjust that life as we know it hangs in the balance because of these two countries’ war.

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