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The plight of the people does not matter in the hearts of the ruling class, yet on Sundays they religiously worship the Lord in feigned high spirits. God has turned His back on this nation as money has become a cancer that is systemically destroying the hearts and conscience of pastors and politicians. The Bible is thrust on the poor and static believers, while those in power worship and live large on the money they diplomatically demonise. Anger has ensnared the hearts of the populace after waking up from their slumber and seeing how their respect and ‘kubindvwa kubona’ has impoverished and taxed them so hard. The high tariffs have destroyed their Ubuntu and industrious character that they end up seeing no significance of going to work or pursuing their educational dreams.


These are the points that I think have government worried, yet it has no care about the causes of this anarchy. They hike electricity so they can cripple our businesses and impoverish our domestic lives. They hike fuel tax in order to steal from commuters and enhance their transport and fuel businesses. They refuse to increase salaries (more buying power) so the civil servants can be slaves of their shy-locking businesses. They are tenderpreneurs so they can steal from government coffers by intentionally delaying projects. They lower the quality of education so we can remain docile in order to be blind loyalists. They captured the justice system so we can never have redress when they evict us from our homes or their monopolies are blatantly strangulating us. They captured the media so they can hide their offshore accounts and dealings and their insensitive corruption and thievery.


They place teachers on contract for long, flouting labour laws and save some money but the security forces are fully employed and well fed. They feed the populace with ARVs on empty stomachs. They have captured the church to brainwash static minds and pastors turn a blind eye and show Godly immaturity, phela nabo are living large. I wonder what God says when the greedy, heartless and evil preach to the world! They impoverish us, tax us hard until our ribs protrude, hike every basic commodity and make communication expensive. They have allowed corruption to fester while they enrich themselves and then expect us to be gullible. A 70 per cent poverty rate in such a small country is a disgrace as we have vast arable land, natural resources, good rivers (we should be producing our own electricity) and a good or the best grade of Cannabis.


We have the strength to work hard for our riches and success but the environment is hostile and not conducive. Education is no longer a road to success but entrepreneurship and self-employment are. High taxes, high tariffs, hunger, poverty, monopolies, nepotism, blue-eyed justice, unequal distribution of wealth, poor medical centres, mafias and high class corruption are what have made people lose respect. Government should know that respect is earned not enforced! Impoverishing and taxing hard the populace and insensitive extravagance are what will bring about disrespect and anarchy.

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