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Are we supposed to suffer from stress, should we even have to consider negative thoughts as part of our daily lives? Should migraines be a subject to be discussed especially if one is faced with catastrophes? Should we be like headless chickens when we are engulfed by confusion? Should we continually be blaming ourselves every time we fail; are we supposed to believe every negative word from other people that dents our self-esteem. Are we really going to allow life to pass us by, where we react to our surrounding rather than giving directives to our surroundings and expect reactions from it?  Are we supposed to wait for outside influences to change who we are and what we are? Are we really going to allow people to tell us that our weaknesses are what we are, or to define who we are according to the level in which they perceive us?


Have we placed the keys of our joy in other people’s hands, are we even supposed to listen to people always pointing out our flaws and frequently speaking negativity in our lives? Are we even supposed to make up the statistics of those suffering from self-condemnation? Now; are we really supposed to be confused when we have a powerful tool like the human brain? The brain is so powerful and complex that it can sustain your whole body in a healthy mode.


Your brain can bring out the best in your abilities, through the way you maintain it. If you feed your brain with negativity it has the ability to destroy you. The brain has the ability to create your future if you give it the proper information. Make it a habit to always avoid negative people; people who will dent your ego and lower your self-esteem. There is power in affirmation, the ability to continually speak positive words on a daily basis to yourself. Speak what you want to see in your life rather than speaking your weaknesses on a daily basis. Find time every day to try and build yourself psychologically through watching, reading and listening to people who will speak positivity in your life.

If you want people to love you, start by loving them first. If you want your environment to be friendly start by being friendly yourself. If you seek success spend a lot of your time building your skill or talent and allow yourself to be associated with people who have succeeded in the field you want to succeed in. Always make sure to have quiet moments with yourself, where you reflect on events that occur throughout the day; introspect on how better you would have dealt with certain situations. Finally, always have a personal project that you are working on, which will stretch the way you think and believe.

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