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I am a young and proud Eswatini citizen, and I wrote this letter as a plea to the structures of government to re-evaluate and reposition. For as long as I can remember, the state of poverty in our country has been alarmingly high. For as long as I can remember, most people in Eswatini have been living in dire poverty stricken conditions. Why is it that after all these years nothing much has changed? Why is it that after years and years of being a Third World country, the changes of this kingdom are minimal?


Is this just our destiny; is this place of stagnancy our final fate? Is Eswatini just meant to be a Third World country forever? As a country we are supposed to ensure that the people of the kingdom have the best opportunities available to them so that they not only exist, but also thrive. With a population of just over a million, we should not be a Third World country. We should not be importing basic things from countries, but we should be producing our own food, our own electricity and our own goods.


The good thing is that the key is in our hands; no one is going to come and save our beloved nation. No one outside of Eswatini is going to come and deliver us out of poverty; we have to do it ourselves. The people of Eswatini deserve better. We are more than capable of reaching First World status in the next decade, but only if major changes are made; changes that will seem harsh and not beneficial in the beginning but, in the end, will be of great benefit to us all. We need an educated nation, a nation of people who are equipped for the future. We need a nation that is empowered enough to invent something that will enable them to be the next billionaires.


We need to eradicate poverty. We need to do better. We need to create a better Eswatini for the generations to come. We go to tertiary with the hope of getting jobs so we can better our lives and our families’ lives but we are told there are no jobs. So what should we do? Surely, we deserve better; surely we deserve a fair chance. And we can get it if we restructure and try something new.

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