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As countries of the world are celebrating the festive season, most emaSwati are lamenting. Life for this long-suffering nation is getting harder by the day. The saddening part is that government is clueless on how to come with a solution to the country’s problems. It is now clear to all of us that expecting government to come with a solution to the problems engulfing the country is tantamount to expecting to revive a dead donkey and expecting it to take its rider to his destination.


As a country, we are facing so many challenges. There is a shortage of drugs in public hospitals and clinics, we have poor road infrastructure, endemic corruption, unemployment among the youth and a total collapse of our education which used to be the best in Southern Africa. It is a pity that all these challenges could be overcome if we could have a people-centred government, not this self-serving Tinkhundla government that has convoluted priorities.


How can one begin to justify the wanton wastage of resources that was reported in the media. This defies logic. To add insult to injury, they have acquired two jets for commercial use. This is unbelievable. EmaSwati are struggling to pay bus fare because of high inflation with no corresponding salary adjustment, but government has the gut of continuing to be extravagant. Is there any sense in this?


In the midst of all the hopelessness, my message to emaSwati is that they must remain hopeful in Christ Jesus and no matter how tough the situation, our Father God is aware and at the right time He will turn things around. He is our maker and He surely will make a way out for us. To those in the corridors of power, I want to plead with them to bring relief to the suffering nation. Please lessen their pain by taking care of their well-being.

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