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Because the Almighty God gave human beings free will, we can say freedom is a God-given right. People have (or should have) the right to go where they want, to study what they want, to eat what they want or to love who they want. But freedom does have limits. For example, no one is free to break the law or to take the law into their own hands. Having laws is the only way to create a civilised society, where people cannot just do as they please, as once suggested by British master satanist – Aleister Crowley. However, we all know that many people choose to do those things anyway. It is as if the concepts of law and order and a civilised society are unwelcome concepts to people who seem to think that they are more equal than the next person.


But some laws can also sometimes deny some people their rights. In many countries, people have been demanding the right to abort unwanted children because they consider this as a right, to do as they please with their own bodies. Even though this so-called ‘right’ has been granted to people in many countries, particularly in the West, it certainly does not take into consideration the right that unborn children also have to life. In many countries, where this ‘right’ has been approved, others are denied the right to smoke or chew naturally occurring plants, like cannabis or coca leaves – with their own mouths, while basic rights such as the right to food and shelter are not given priority attention.


While I am not advocating for the use of ‘drugs’, can we seriously say we are promoting human rights when some people are granted the right to end the life of another while others are not even allowed to smoke whatever they want to, harmful or not, in the privacy of their own homes? It is as if some rights have suddenly become more equal than others! What this basically means is that it is perfectly acceptable to terminate the life of an unborn child simply because that child happens to be growing in someone else’s body, but it is not okay to chew coca leaves or drink cannabis tea with your own mouth, even though harmful substances like alcohol and tobacco are legal.

These obvious double standards remind me of a story which made headlines about a certain celebrity in one of the neighbouring countries who was severely criticised and even received death threats for simply exercising her right to free speech regarding the Palestinian territory of Gaza, while other people are more than free to criticise Israel for defending her own borders and also demonise the indigenous Jewish people of Israel without suffering any repercussions. Does freedom of speech and the right to an opinion nowadays mean that everybody should hold the same views of a certain group of people or be labelled as anti-establishment? It seems as though in this ‘new era’ of so-called political correctness we are now in, where even criminals seem to have more rights than their victims, irrational is fast becoming the new rational.

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