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I wrote this letter to express my views on the current situation of the country. Is it really the way? As we all know, Eswatini has not been in a very stable condition for a while now. The country is in turmoil, so much fighting is happening between the people when instead people should be uniting together for the development of the country. Have people really forgotten the goal that we all once believed in; what is happening in the country? Is this really how we want to go down? There is a great divide between the people and it is only taking us downhill.


People of Eswatini need to come together if we ever want to have peace. Our government is very biased, there is no denying that but can we really blame them? Nobody really has the full story and do we want to continue being influenced by biased views? No! That is not what we want. I am afraid for my country because things are not looking up for us . We are far from finding a solution that will cater for all of our requirements. Are we ever going to reach that stage?


We are fighting for our freedom; we have been tricked into thinking we are free when we are in actuality very oppressed. We are fighting for equality, we are fighting for our rights and we are fighting for peace. There is no equality in the country; there is a huge divide between the different social classes. Those in power have more influence and that is wrong. People should have equal rights. Just because someone is richer does not mean they get to automatically become right. Too many people are biased; the upper class makes decisions that will suit them; what about everyone else? Why are you leaving these people out? It is so unfair that just because you are more privileged than someone means that you automatically become above them. This has to stop! Nobody calls an unfortunate situation upon themselves.


People are not allowed to voice their opinions; why is it that everything that happens has to go through security checks first? People should be free to voice their opinions without the fear that something will happen to them. Fear has been instilled in these people. They are so scared to voice their opinions because they have been threatened. What type of system is this? People are so greedy for power to the point that the individuals who oppose them are in danger of being harmed. A person should not be ganged up on just because what they feel is different from what is wanted. We are all human beings after all; we are not the same so one cannot think that the other person will want what they also want.

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