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The Kingdom of Eswatini is said to be travelling towards First World status, therefore we have witnessed a great deal of change in the country with the construction of the bio-technology park, international convention center, five-star hotel and the highway from King Mswati III International Airport. A majority of us are happy because of these developments. However my greatest concern is on the issue of the country’s economic fall and the high rates of unemployment, coupled with the high cost of living. But that can change through innovation and the good thing about innovation is that you can preach it every day.

We are all aware that government is ignoring the mining industry and this has been happening for far too long. If taken seriously, the country’s mining industry could be our strongpoint in achieving wealth for all who live in the kingdom. Why can’t government explore and implement strategies that will contain our minerals in the country to be sold out as end products? Where is the industrialisation innovation thinking? We need to open up our own diamond mine and jewellery factories that will produce the end products; and all these can employ emaSwati and further boost the economy of this tiny but beautiful country of ours. Can we please be given a reason or many reasons to smile!


Secondly, we have been mining coal for years now. Why can’t we use the coal to establish new electricity power stations and generate our own electricity to cater for our needs as a small country? Instead of losing billions in enriching the neighboring countries, many people would get jobs and thus revive the country’s economy. The country is in a crisis from all corners; we want to generate money yet we are sitting on our brains. From this moment on our Parliament must work on ensuring that this becomes a reality. Also there is a need to increase salaries for all employees in the country and you will see an economic boom that is much needed in the kingdom.

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