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The devil capitalises in areas where there is too much potential without purpose. The ones with lots and lots of energy but have no use of it. I say this because it is popularity said, ‘an idle mind is the devil’s workshop’. The youth faces an imminent threat and it’s about time someone addresses it without fear or favour. In effect, when I speak about the devil and deeds, I’m referring to real-life circumstances where we experience inhumane actions by the people we live with.


These could be from the little things like lies, mugging, thievery, hate and so on. And then moving on to the grandeur felonies like murder, fornication and so on. In such circumstances, we get to experience the cruelty of the people we live with, pressured onto us by them and mostly explained to be the devil using them for his own purposes. The youth, mostly, is vulnerable the most in this case; by nature, our young ones have way too much energy, they are wild, and commonly smart and exuberant. However, the element of wisdom can be a scarce resource at this time and its companion, a key companion, listening and taking advice. When you are young and vibrant life is particularly one big party that is here to stay, and most opportunities associated with good and bad present themselves to us the most. I prefer to call this stage the ‘hot molten lava period’. The parties and carelessness and ceaseless dates.


Mistakes are plenty here and scars are begotten, some only temporary and some are for life. In simpler terms, when we’re still babies it’s easier for parents to keep us in their arms and get food for us, feed us, bathe us, tuck us in our beds and read us books to sleep. All that happens easily cause all we have to do is receive and respond. Over time we get a little bigger and start noticing that parents no longer want to pick us up because we’ve gained a little weight and are now quite a burden. They no longer want to feed us because we’re old enough to do so. They no longer want to bath us because we’re now supposedly capable of doing so. That’s how life is too. The energy and zeal it once granted in the youthful stage has an expiry date. That’s exactly how we get into the next chapter.

The bad things we do, influenced by our friends and the people we follow in our daily lives, have consequences. It doesn’t matter if we copied it from someone you love or like, if you were just playing but it all still bares results nevertheless. There are no laws against having fun and living a little, but it is wise that while we please ourselves with all the things that we find therapeutic to us we don’t forget the future that lies ahead. The future is better explained as a creeping thief seen as distant yet so close. Ensuring a good youthful stage means making decisions that will secure us financially, academically and spiritually. Our friends, liking it or not, are a reflection of us, they could be our future and determine our paths. Friends take up almost a lot of time in our every day lives; so choose them wisely. A wise man once said; “I can never be a friend with a man I am smarter than.” Find better friends you can learn from. Surround yourself with people who do not only align with your dreams but are also your propellants to success. Use your energy to secure a good future while splitting it to befit your wants and groove.

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