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Everything is connected to everything else; you are connected to the rest of humanity. And all humanity is connected to all other creatures and vegetation. You and I are connected to the entire universe and are part of it, and not only that, but that we are the universe or an outgrowth of it. There is an evaporation of real bonding, compassion and connection ideal for a united order in our time. There’s a disconnection of heart to each other – some social disunity. Cleverness has or is taking that away, and we are becoming empty within. The major cause of this disconnection of human beings nowadays is social media and gargets such as cellphones.

A former Facebook executive once said; “these are tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.” This is the reality of our lives after the invention of these social networks. They have created a state of affairs of less connection and engagement in real serious human affairs and establishment of friendships. Just imagine how in the family everyone is in the sitting room, TV playing, but everyone is not present because of chatting. No bonding between parent and child, between husband and wife, etc.
But in the animal kingdom things are better. I see something instinctive binding them harmoniously in their groupings. The birds flying together are at home in the air, but we are certainly not at home here on earth as we allow ourselves to be disjointed by these gardgets.

Only human beings have lost the connections, real connections that express the bonds of human souls. We have lost the order of connectedness and every man is becoming literally for himself – an expression of selfishness – the ‘minding my own business’ kind of attitude. We are often so busy checking up the heat in the cell of our own circumstances such that we don’t realise the fever that the other person goes through. You may find that we have the capacity to help the other person but we don’t, simply because we don’t notice that we don’t notice, because of our focus on our gargets.  This is an urban trance.

In this kind of social set up, we certainly have lost our moral compass. By so living, we are quick to forget that in this world no one goes his own way. What we do unto others comes back to us. Also, no one can rise up or achieve anything without other people. Our situation today was foreseen and foretold by an apostle in antiquity thus: “In the last days… men shall be lovers of their own selves…and without natural affection,” 2 Timothy 3: 1, 2 and 3. We have learnt to fly the air like birds; we have learnt to swim the ocean like fish but we haven’t learnt to walk the earth like brothers and sisters. You may ask: What is lacking? We answer: love is lacking, hence the lack of connections which make us lose the feeling that ‘an injury to one is an injury to all’.

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