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The first perpetrator, whom many might not agree with, becomes the person behind the camera. Technology has made our lives way better as much as its misuse has brought corpses and depression to some families. I vehemently believe whoever captures a shameful act on another and post it on any social media platform has the intention to make it go viral and to make a laughing stock of the captured victim. However, I do not believe the intentions are to drive the victim to suicide but he refuses to give himself a chance to think about the reactions of the victim.


The poster limits his thoughts to only shame and embarrass the victim through the post. Therefore, the victim becomes psychologically isolated and with everything around mocking his dignity. Except suicide, the victim feels forced to opt for the easy way out. Those who react and comment on the post negatively and those who re-post, are the second accomplices to this crime of cyber bullying. It is beyond reasonable doubt that as human beings we do not all the time advance our thinking to the consequences of our actions.


One would say it is ‘merely a single, fun comment’, it is a joke. However, the single-fun comments increase from many who react to the post and form 1 000 negative comments too overwhelming to handle. The criticisms, the judgements and shaming comments literally expose the nakedness of the victim. Thus, the shame becomes worse than the initial bullying that happened, and again drives one to a negative solution of escaping the bullying. Finally, other perpetrators become those who are so close but ignorant of the situation, by standing and watching who will intervene and eventually intervene at their funerals. Emmanuel Kant recognised that human beings ‘are ineradicably social beings’, which implies that ‘no man is an island’, we are a community and obliged to care for a fellow human. This means we are not to watch one being bullied.

From the first scene of the bullying to social media, where one should not comment negatively but defend those being bullied. This is because the victim does not take his life due to the bullying factor alone, but also the isolation and lack of people who will defend publicly and empathise with the victim. Therefore, the lack of people who will defend the victim also contributes indirectly to the suicide at hand. Archbishop Desmond Tutu once said; “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

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