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What happened in the second world war was tragic and must never be repeated. However, delve into history to learn what to do and what not to do for the future. But did we really learn from this war or we just collaged the new world, changed the frame but kept the picture? I want to talk about the failure to understand diversity and lack of tolerance led to one of the world’s worst tragedies, which is exactly what we are doing today. We are trying to iron out diversity. We are the new Hitler as he lives through us. We incubate his principles, the new world did not learn from his lack of understanding of diversity. The new world picked up from where he left off.


The new world is on a quest to create one race, the only difference between Hitler and us is that his race was pheno typical. We are on the quest to create one race of franchised minds and uniformed thoughts. We are a society that has been programmed to frown upon and spit on individualism. If one thinks differently from what society has normalised, we quickly ‘oven’ that person. We may not physically kill each other like he did, but we have killed each other spiritually and psychologically. Hitler’s Nazi was an institution blinded by an ideology; don’t we have institutions in today’s society that do not see people as human beings, for who they are, what they are and what they ought to be? Hitler saw Jews, he didn’t see human beings. To him labels came first. They were Jews before they were human beings. Don’t we do that? Don’t we disown our own children because they grew up and decided to follow a different belief system?


We don’t even bury our own flesh and blood because doctrines have erected walls no reasoning can penetrate. We have erected walls and systematised love. One cannot marry his or her partner unless that person is from the same church, yet we preach unconditional love. How many dreams have we deferred? How many lives have we ruined? What are we teaching our children? Do we teach them to love their neighbours as themselves? Do we teach them that it’s ok to be different and to be tolerant to those who hold different belief systems or we tell them not to befriend them because they are demon-possessed? Unlike the soil, minds are never barren. Whatever you plant grows, so be careful of the seeds you plant in your child’s mind.


Imagine your garden with only white flowers. Yet a colourful garden is made of different flowers. I would like to employ this cliché: “I may not be your favourite colour but you shall need me to complete your picture.” People united in diversity are so colourful. We may not like certain things about each other, vele it’s impossible to love everything about a person, but we can learn to be tolerant towards each other. Tolerance can incubate us in this cold world, and together we can turn our beautiful, beloved country into a safe haven. We may be cut from different cloths but we can knit together those pieces into one piece and a blanket of humanity. If we don’t, I am afraid our children shall inherit graveyards.

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