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A full representation of humanity suggests that the human species are curious, vital, self-motivated and inspired by their strive for knowledge. However, it also appears that the human spirit can be diminished and that sometimes individuals reject growth and responsibility.  The positive process of motivation basically concerns energy, direction, persistence and equifinality. Motivation is highly valued because of its consequences; it may produce and mobilise others to act as teachers, managers, health care providers, religious leaders and coaches. People can be motivated because they value an activity or because there is external coercion.


From birth children are active, inquisitive, curious and playful even in the absence of specific rewards, which means they are self-motivated. One of the best reasons to be self-motivated is so you don’t need to depend on others. You can achieve goals solely based on your strengths and your other abilities. Self-motivation is important for your personal growth.One must not underestimate the important role that self-motivation can play in ones life. You may find yourself in circumstances where you lose every hope and confidence in you.


Your friends and family may support you but you still know that it’s your life, and only you can take control of it. Sometimes gruesome tragedies may leave you feeling alone and this may be a trigger to motivate yourself. But then, are you going to wait all your life for one big tragedy to fall upon you? Better that you learn to heal and inspire yourself everyday. Self-motivation is an important factor in an individual’s life, especially in this day and age when faced with so many challenges and the theory of, ‘survival of the fittest’


Self-motivation works like a confidence enhancer and thus reinforces enthusiasm and provides energy for work. It nurtures the desire to do something in life.

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