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There is a white elephant that hangs in the balance, and it’s big enough for everyone to notice, but small enough for people to ignore nonetheless. Our healthcare system is a cause for concern that doesn’t seem to concern enough people. At the rate things are going, we might not even have a system to begin with. If the current state of our health system is not considered a state of emergency, I don’t know which category it should fall under because it is barely staying afloat.


In a country with barely two million people, how is it that we are afforded a healthcare sector that completely can’t cater to its people? With hospitals and health facilities that can hardly provide the necessary medication and nutrition for patients, how is it that the Ministry of Health declared boldly that the country was ready for monkeypox should it hit the country?
The state of healthcare in Eswatini has reached junk status and will need a miracle at this point to fully recover. For instance, with the elderly grant provided to the elderly, as little as it is, they are expected to solely provide transportation to hospital and further pay for medication at pharmacies as there is an evident drugs shortage in health facilities.


If these issues are not inducing panic, then we clearly have a long way to go. The authorities need to realign their priorities and focus on Eswatini’s barely surviving healthcare system before it’s too late. Healthcare should always be a top priority in every country and not just a by the way in the face of other problems. What we are dealing with here is a critical sector which ensures the well-being of each individual in this country, if that is not a fragile issue, then I don’t know what is. So many people are focused on who’s angry with who and who said wha,t instead of helping nurture a system responsible for preserving the lives we claim matter.

With a proper health system, some of the deaths that are being recorded could have most likely been avoided. It would be unfair to solely blame the Ministry of Health for the deterioration of this system; instead I blame everyone in power, every single one of them. Such negligence is among the issues that lead to civil unrest, the dents that crush and fold our current system and if we do not see this as a form of emergency then we might be heading for a point of no return.

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