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Most of the time I get inspiration and ideas from listening to other people. I recently listened to one of the late Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s speeches, where he was speaking about the desire to be number one, which has caused a lot of problems in the world. King said, this desire is in control of many people. So because a person has to be first in whatever he or she is doing, they are prepared to do anything to achieve that. This is the reason why some people even tend to do outrageous things so that they may be first and dominate.


Unless we are able to control this drum major instinct, we are going to struggle with almost everything because people want to be first or the best.
People want to be first to own a certain car, a certain house, certain clothes etc but they do not have the means to do all those things. So the best way to do it is to engage in corruption, and go to great lengths trying to satisfy his or her ego to the detriment of the whole service delivery system within government. This same desire leads to collusions as people are going to scheme with others to get whatever they want. Some people know that they are not even supposed to be holding the positions they are in, but because of their egos, they are not prepared to relinquish those positions.  


This desire does not affect emaSwati only but government as well. It wants to be the best in whatever it does, it wants the country to be regarded as the first in this and that. So while trying to satisfy this ego, it has plunged this country into debts that are unnecessary. Our government loves to invest in things that can wait. Instead of focusing on the needs of emaSwati, it wants to focus on being the first in the region to achieve or build something.
Ordinary people in the country are suffering unnecessarily because of this wanting to be first mentality. Ordinary emaSwati are going to continue to suffer because of selfish individuals who want to be first. The economy will continue to suffer because of such people.The desire to be first, if considered and well planned, would be good because it could help ordinary people, but it must not be to the detriment of the masses.

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