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Have people ever thought of changing their environment? If you don’t change your environment, your environment will change you. Your environment may be the situation that is around your life, that is within a normal every day experience. We have been oriented to our environments in a way that it is hard to think about making a change. Whether you want to change or you don’t, change will occur. Some people have been changed by situations that they have come across.


Making a change is a little bit scary to others but it is something they ‘must’ do. Every time you think of change, think of the challenges for change always comes with challenges. Challenges will always be there, we can’t avoid them. Our greatest enemy is fear; for once we think of something new, we begin to panic. Let’s just open our minds and think differently.


We may learn from past experiences but don’t stay on it because it can only remind you of the past. The strategy you used the last time you succeeded was good, but it was good just for that time. Now think of a new way of dealing with issues. That is why I don’t like listening to success stories because the strategy that somebody used might not work for me. I have to find my own strategy. I am reminded of the story of David in the Holy Bible. He decided to use his own way of fighting the giant, Goliath.The giant remained undefeated for 40 days and he was familiar with every weapon the people may have used. A young boy came with a unique weapon. It was funny but that is what success is all about.

We want the comfort of staying in a life space that is familiar. Change is scary because you don’t want to fail but remember; anyone who has succeeded has said failure was part of their journey. Failing won’t make you a failure. Moving towards something means moving away from
something else, and it’s not always moving away from something negative. When the time is right for you to make a change, you’ll be sent what you need to make it happen.

In the meantime, enjoy where you are, don’t be afraid to become attached to where you are just because you may leave it one day. A good goal for us all is to live fully wherever we are in life, for however long we’re there.

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