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Are international and continental bodies still relevant and genuine? The invasion of Ukraine by a permanent member of the United Nations (UN), known as Russia by name, has given my observation the credibility to discredit the relevance and usefulness of these bodies, the UN, European Union (EU) and the African Union (AU) as frauds.


The way the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) has handled their response to the war in Ukraine, by dragging its feet in supplying that nation with available necessary weapons, to have a credible war with Russia, is appalling. Actually, the western nations have been worse, and the question is why? They are financing Russia more than Ukraine by doing trade with their perceived enemy, €97b since the war began, but they have given Ukraine peanuts in comparison.


What is the effectiveness of the UN here, zero? Talk, talk and talk. Look at the Saudis war in Yemen. What has the UN done or what power does it have? None! They only bully some few small nations, particularly in Africa. Zeroing close to home, where is the Southern African Development Community’s (SADC) follow up to the promised national dialogue?


Is the Incwala ceremony still going on, which was fronted as the delay then? Even the media is not probing the responsible power stakeholders seriously. In conclusion, these bodies are belly fattening ranches for endless meetings which do not bring solutions, but lining politicians’ pockets with travelling allowances coupled with attendance remuneration. I believe people should quit putting their trust in these bogus human creations, return to God and know Him.  

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