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When you vividly look at today’s world, citizens are becoming more and more inhumane, uncontrollable and dangerous. Every month we hear news of people being abused, killed and tortured to death. What makes people do such painful acts? We hear of couples who have been happily married ending up killing one another. Is it because they are bad people; that is why they commit atrocious murder? Not really because others are absolutely caring, loving and responsible when it comes to their families.

When I hear that a man has killed his wife or girlfriend, before I reach a conclusion, I try to understand exactly what caused him to think of doing such a terrible thing. Some time back it came to my attention that a God-fearing man had killed himself and his loved one, the one he was supposed to protect. I tried to find out about a lot of things about him, especially his personality and character, and it dawned on me as it was clearly unpacked that he was humble, respective, kind and generous. It, therefore, tormented my mind why he decided to do such a terrible thing to a person he was supposed to love. I was convinced that if he could be brought back to life, he would regret what he did with all his being. So this got me thinking and wondered what was really happening behind closed doors. What was really happening in relationships that was being kept away from public scrutiny?


The real undeniable fact is that not all souls who committed murder were capable of doing that. If  a woman could  recognise that the man she was married to had the potential to kill, she  would find ways that would make her not to live with him. No matter what the circumstances, no woman would risk her life by intentionally marrying a crook, murderer or liar. Women marry men whom they think will be  good husbands. If I was a pastor I would say there is demonic influence that takes over once anger erupts in a human being. People nowadays do not know how to control anger, but instead it takes control of them. It even leads the most responsible of citizens into commit murder. Nowadays, people are vehemently angered, they lose themselves, they lose their senses and that is why they act so violently and weirdly, which is not supposed to be the case.


We all know that once we become furious we do many crazy things to an extent that some even break their treasured materials, not with an intention to do so but because of what they are feeling at that point in time. Of course, we cannot avoid anger but we can control it. In fact we have to do all we can to control it. The moment you feel your blood boiling, don’t listen to the thoughts that may invade your mind. We need to learn and get used to talking to neutral people and reveal your thoughts as this will go a long way in avoiding doing bad things. Talk to an understanding person as that person may help you calm your anger.

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