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It seems as though the academic warfare ceases for a definite period only to attack more viciously, fiercely and brutally.

“You’re going to meet the real world now,” they say incredulously, but in sincerity are we mentally ready for such a drastic shift and drift? Life is naturally progressive but just like natural selection only those with enough stamina survive, meanwhile,we are stuck wondering if we are earnestly out in the open. Growth is the nostalgia of realising that something that was once far-fetched is now your reality, most probably your wake-up call. It seems as though the beginning of our academic lives was yesterday, but the season to lay it all to rest finally bloomed upon us.


Generally, the idea of growth revolves around the notion of change in one’s physical form, but that’s the underlying generic stereotype. It seems as though were expected to suddenly act all grown, responsible and mature without any comprehension of what mental growth is. This vast world requires us to exploit our own understanding, our own beings and set our own wings to glide smoothly. The ability to master all these traits is what I predefine as growth. After all, we are expected to be perfect executors of our mental growth, but how can that be if we are not even aware of it? The way our lives turn out from this point on is all on our shoulders, so it’s two-way; we either step up into the heated kitchen and dish out a terrific storm or be battered to the ground. Choice! Yet again that’s what determines effective mental growth.


Its general human perception to be frightened by the unknown, after all we have relatively little knowledge of what lies ahead. The radical nature of the world we live in does not seem to make it quite easier either. Injustice has reached its highest peak, political instability has become the order of the day and we are all sceptical. All these things fuel our growing insecurities for growth. The protection of our parents seemed to give us much comfort at the end of the day. In essence, all these issues do exist but what we fear more than anything is ourselves; who we are born to become.

Some of us have not even figured what our divine purposes are! Can I be the one to tell you that it’s actually okay not to have everything figured out and our lives don’t have to make sense all the time otherwise they would be routinely boring. Truth be told most of our nightmares will be ignited to life, but we cannot run away from who we were meant to become. Fearless, bold and determined are the words we should give our wills too and surely the rest of the puzzle will fall into place. To bring the curtains down, being out in the open is something we should learn to embrace. The end of one triumphant academic journey is the beginning of a myriad obstacles and trials.

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