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People almost or always give up when things don’t go their way. This can be partly attributed to lacking fighting spirit. There’s a popular saying in business terms ... Be first or be better. This is taken from the fact that when someone starts a business they more than likely have to study their competitor or go into a new market by bringing something that was never there before. They say don’t just spot the gap in the market but build or make a market for that gap. What usually happens though is that once potential entrepreneurs feel like their idea has been stolen, they give up by playing the blame game.


The truth is if you are not willing to fight competition then you would not have made it in the first place. Truth of the matter is that our economy is crumbling and if we don’t bring change things will only get worse and life at home will be unbearable. Part of an entrepreneur’s lifestyle is to look at the future so they can steer their company in the right direction. Giving up is not part of the game... You have to get stuck in and keep fighting. As things stand, the price of goods and basic commodities has gone up.


That means basic supplies will also go up and if you do not see this you crash and burn. One entrepreneur of Alibaba, Jack Ma, says competition is part and parcel of entrepreneurship and what you go through your competition will go through ... your best bet is to hope they close shop. Of course this means some people will lose their jobs but one thing you can count on is that in every crisis, there is an opportunity, at least according to Chinese philosophy. And I can strongly vouch for that. Where markets tumble, and the economy suffers, opportunity comes knocking.

Look at emerging markets and you will notice that most innovation is born in the midst of trouble. Bitcoins were as a result of the credit crunch and most new businesses are moving away from using cash by using plastic or cashless transactions. When going into something new don’t just look at what’s already there, look at what’s not there for that can change in an instant. What was new fresh technology is obsolete within the twinkle of an eye. What’s more is that all these smartphone and Android are made to last a certain period of time so that we either constantly have to update or buy new items. This is called planned obsolocence.


All the food we find in stores is not going to last for ages but only to stay in shelves a short period so that we keep spending money; the same money that might not be around in the not so distant future. A friend and I were saying in about 30-50 years time, those who will survive will have to be multimillionaires and this will be only those who can afford basic items like bread and milk. So the question is where are you going to be; will you be blaming so and so for not making it or fighting to the end so you can survive? Be first or be better, life is yours to win.

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