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What the Speaker of the House of Assembly is doing is of serious concern. What troubles me more is that he is demonstrating a lack of knowledge of what the Constitution provides. He is among people who are to debate issues that are affecting the nation, but he is seemingly refusing to do this. And his refusal to allow sittings that will debate national issues is setting constituents against their Members of Parliament (MPs).


Pass laws that help in the implementation of the Constitution. He is giving the nation the impression that he is from utopia and not from any of the communities in the country. If he was from one of the communities in the kingdom, he would know the dire needs of the people of this country. I think it is time we interrogate the notion that a person should possess a certain qualification before he or she can be elected into Parliament. This is because the Constitution is interpreted in our language and there is no reason one cannot read it.


It is a provision of the Constitution that as a country, we must strive for a most secured democracy that will assure that the basic necessities of life to the people is a fundamental duty of the State. I was flabbergasted when I read that he refused to allow a motion of national interest and now he is cancelling sittings at the eleventh hour, claiming security concerns. What security concerns when the PAC was already in the House conducting its business?


What security threat when government ministers were in a meeting with public transport workers and their employers? Where is this man from? I am not sure that he is from this country where things are at a standstill because of the issues he is refusing to be debated. What he is doing will instead make things worse for the nation as a whole. Who will then urge government to act accordingly if parliamentarians are not able to debate issues that affect the nation? I think the Speaker should resign because he is failing emaSwati at a time when he should not.

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