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I would like to voice my small opinion about the ongoing protests. I am of the opinion that people are fighting against the wrong people. The only thing that we have to fight is corruption, which is the main thing that causes the system to be what we see it to be. Most people employed by the Eswatini Government are into corruption and they always use the name of the King when doing wrong things.


The King cannot do all things alone, but needs to have people who will handle things for him, like appointing a prime minister, and allowing us to appoint constituency representatives who will represent us in Parliament, but they then forget to do what we sent them to do. If you go from one ministry to another, you are sure to find rotten potatoes within them; I don’t care which ministry or government facility you go to. I am an old person and I have seen this country being governed during the reign of King Sobhuza II and I see no difference in the way it is being run today.


The only difference is that most of those who are making noise grew up during the reign of King Mswati III and they feel they have the right to say that he must be removed. The King was not nominated by anyone, but it is his right to be King. Stop putting your nose where it does not belong. Instead of doing what you are doing, you should be fighting against corruption or is it because you are also corrupt, greedy, power-hungry, selfish, self-centered and arrogant that you want to spoil the peace we have been having in the country and also want to be recognised. Corruption is everywhere, therefore, fight it.

Tenders are being offered to unqualified businesses because inside there is someone who is being greased by the individual who is after the tender. We have heard of scholarships being awarded to undeserving children while those who deserve them stay at home. We have qualified emaSwati doctors who are wasting away at home doing nothing while foreigners are being employed; why?

I can go through all the ministries because as I said, I am an old person who has seen it all and at some point was a victim in one way or the other. That is what is worth fighting for. Stop being corrupt and power hungry because the protests are infringing on my rights. I use a lot of money paying for my grandchildren’s school fees and you come and destroy their future, how selfish and self-centered of you. What do you think will happen to the children you are using for your own personal gains, do you at any point think of their future or you want them to be failures like you. Fight corruption, not the system!

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