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Scrap yards for scrap metal waste have helped Eswatini a lot by getting rid of waste metals around the country. You rarely find waste metal scattered around in our beautiful kingdom nowadays. This is because the scrap yards pay the people who bring the waste metal to them. I am sure there can be no plastic bags seen all over the place if government were to introduce recycling companies that would deal with the plastic that is found all over the place.


If chiefdoms and people residing in urban areas were to be given refuse bag containers, people would use these containers and fill them with plastic bags and even unwanted papers to take to take to the recycling companies, which would in turn pay emaSwati for bringing the waste to them. As a result, you would hardly find such waste being scattered all over the place. Who would dare discard of plastics after using them if they know that there is a company that is willing and prepared to pay for them? And by creating such companies, government would be creating a lot of jobs as well as revenue for itself. Also, a lot of unemployed people would be seen walking the length and breadth of the country looking for discarded plastics and papers to go and sell. This would go a long way in keeping the country clean. So the cleanliness of our country lies in your hands government.

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