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Restructuring has become a word to love or hate, depending on what part of the divide you stand. As a typical liSwati, there are powerful protagonists and antagonists, offering powerful views on the desirability or otherwise of a restructured country. But is it a term to be scared of? Should emaSwati split their hair over it? Who is afraid of restructuring? Should anyone truly be afraid of restructuring? ‘Restructuring is the corporate management term for the act of re-organising the legal ownership operational or other structures of a company for the purpose of making it more profitable or better organised for its present needs’.


So it is my belief that every true liSwati who wants his or her country to be great and prosperous should not be afraid of restructuring. It is about a country serving the interests of the majority rather than a chosen few. Only those benefiting from the present lopsided arrangement, where the poor are getting poorer, should be angry and afraid of restructuring. My view on restructuring is about putting right structures in place to enhance efficiency of our system.


If we have a restructured country without the right minds, we may well be in a circus. Restructuring should build for us a strong union, anchored on justice, equity and fairness. That I believe are the key issues confronting our nation. To confront these challenges, we need to go to the drawing board and examine how our country can begin to work for citizens irrespective of their opinions, irrespective of where they come from in the country.


We cannot continue to sweep the issues that challenge our nationhood under the carpet. We cannot continue to pretend that all is well when all is far from being well. By so doing we will only be postponing doomsday. Eswatini is going through this terrible pass because we have blatantly refused to confront three key issues that strangulate and divide us; equality, justice and fair play. No nation can have peace or make progress without fair play, without equity and without justice. Every part of our country is being short-changed; every part is aggrieved. Let’s not be afraid of restructuring this country.

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