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I have been following with interest the different ministries outlining what they want to do with what has been allocated to them. Government is planning on vastly improving the ease of doing business in Eswatini. This sounds good on paper but will remain a fleeting illusion unless the different ministries complement each other. As a country we can no longer afford to have our public companies calling expensive shots at its owners, the general public, at the cost of economic development. Looking at the fast pace of the fourth revolution we can no longer afford to be at a standstill while the rest of the world moves on.


Critical service delivery can no longer be negotiated but it is demanded by us who need it. We can no longer afford to have our public companies declaring pseudo profits for the sake of having bonuses. Infrastructure should be in place and must be provided by all the different public companies because surely we are living in a dynamic world where such basic services must be an issue of just plugging into an existing infrastructure. This must be a basic step towards economic recovery and then the public companies can revisit the charges they place on their services towards all emaSwati who live in the country, who are the drivers of development in the places where any development is happening.


I would like to wish government all the luck as it tackles the task of bringing the economy back on track. This is not going to be an easy task if you consider the huge challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. No one had anticipated its arrival and the impact it has had in the whole world. We hope government and its other public entities will not lose steam and focus as all try to mend the economy at different levels.

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