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Joshua 21: 43, ‘So the Lord God gave to Israel all the land He had solemnly promised to their ancestors.’ The plight of the Palestinian people is one of the most contentious issues the world is faced with; with many countries (and people) accusing the Jewish people of ‘illegally occupying Palestine. But it is necessary to go back in history to fully understand how this situation arose to begin with.  

Palestine was the name given to the land of Israel by the Roman empire during the time of Jesus. It was during the Roman occupation of Israel that the Jewish people were exiled from the promised land for the third time in their history. Following the collapse of the Roman empire, another great empire emerged and took control of Israel – the Ottoman empire. 


The Ottomans ruled Israel for over 1 000 years, resisting attempts by the Vatican-sanctioned crusaders to expel them. It would only be in 1918, during the First World War, that the Ottomans were eventually expelled from Israel by another mighty empire – the British empire. The British themselves would also be expelled from Israel in 1948 when Jewish nationalists began their war of independence against Britain, but not before the British allowed mostly European Jews to return to Israel under the Balfour Declaration, and that is when Arab settlers, who came to be known as ‘Palestinians’, began to demand an end to the so-called ‘illegal occupation’ of Palestine.


There were never any calls for an end of the Ottoman occupation of Palestine, perhaps due to the fact that the Ottomans were also Muslims, with the Jewish city of Jerusalem also being one of Islam’s holiest sites. It was only during former US President Donald Trump’s administration that Jerusalem was finally recognised as being the rightful capital city of Israel, as previous administrations refused to do so, demanding, instead, that Israel should handover large portions of her territory to her sworn enemies – the Palestinians – in what became known as the unworkable ‘two state solution’. 

It is obvious that doing so would make Israel vulnerable to being attacked by neighbouring states, and it wouldn’t be the first time, as Israel has suffered several attacks from her hostile neighbours in the past 70 years.

Perhaps those American presidents who refused to recognise Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem forgot is that America itself is a country founded as a white settler colony after being illegally occupied by the same British who also previously occupied the land of Israel, believing that it was their ‘divine right’ to do so, because they considered themselves, together with their Germanic and Nordic brethren, to be the ‘real Jews’, as claimed by the ‘Brit-Am’ and ‘Nordic Israelism’ movements. This is how the British justified their Illegal occupations of North America, Australia, India and much of Africa. 

Instead of demanding that Israel handover the land God promised their ancestors to people who wish to drive them into the sea, why don’t the Americans and Australians handover their illegally occupied territories back to their rightful owners? 


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