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I have followed the ascendancy of Donald Trump to be the president of America since 2016. I noticed that after all, he was not predicted by the seasoned political minds in the world. The democrats had concluded Hillary Clinton’s landslide victory, but when the results came, a shocker surfaced leaving many dejected. 

The personality of Trump matches the Democrats’ one; both are predictable on how they will react against the other with any given situation that plays out on either side of the divide.


Democrats accuse Trump of causing division in the US, but they don’t realise that for four years Trump has been stalking the fire and they have added petrol through their incensed reactions. I’m surprised that political commentators have chosen not to notice this, or it’s deliberately ignored in team ideological spirit.

Trump’s sin was that when he unexpectedly defeated Clinton, he interrupted a well advanced world order system which is perpetrated by wealthy media moguls, the CIA, intellectuals, billionaires, big corporations and their field horse, the Democrats in pursuit of the grand scheme of removing the US as a moral world super power which keeps in check dictators. 


The idea of these individuals is to sow chaos in the world, while they are quietly polishing their plan. So when Trump took office, the whole thing was rudely intercepted, hence the Democrats want to see his back sooner. That’s why they hate Vladimir Putin because he too is running a parallel agenda. 

China is friends with them because of the market and cheap labour, she provides billionaires of America. If you analyse how exasperated the Democrats have been in their responses to Trump’s statements, it’s obvious to all. He couldn’t play the political game well, thus playing into the hands of the Democrats. The US has been captured and Trump had seen this and he wanted to undo it, yet the state capture strategy is deeply embedded within government machinery. The Republicans are not in full grasp of this.


In closing, all this is in the hated book of the modern world, the Bible. The dragon is fighting the eagle now, Revelation 12. President Trump must not despair for he achieved what he ascended the presidency for, but he must relax and sharpen his skills for the second leg.

Wake up America and remind yourself of your foundations which were scripture-based. The devil took aim of you long ago when your fathers chose the Bible to establish the USA. Remember this, the scheme of rebellion originated with the ancient serpent from within heaven. No foreign nation can destroy the USA, but from within the country the enemy is working craftly. Only true Americans can stop this.



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