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One of the greatest hindrances to political, social and economical progress of the nation is the inability of us to effectively relate with each other. We usually ignore, misinterpret or misunderstand each other. As a matter of fact, this is what usually causes unnecessary political, economical and social strife. 

Effective relationships begin at the point of understanding, transparency, respect, trust and cultivating the art of effective communication. Many emaSwati are so obsessed with me, myself and I to the detriment of our ability to relate properly with others. This is the mentality and attitude that has crippled the country politically, economically and socially.


The spirit of extreme selfishness and greed that individuals in various spheres of society have embraced has brought about a curse on communities and the nation. A curse is that which releases unseen negative forces to govern and lead an individual, a marriage, community or nation into poverty or perpetual adverse circumstances. We must not allow our minds to be shaped by selfishness, greed, corruption and ignorance. Selfishness, greed, corruption and dishonesty are enemies of effective relationships. 


Selfishness is that supreme self-love which leads a person to direct his or her purposes to the advancement of his or her own interest, power or happiness, without regarding those of others. Effective relationships demand that we refuse to put ourselves first, but that we choose to be willing to give our time, money or effort for other’s wellbeing. Greed is one of the devastating enemies of relationships, be it political, social, economical or business. Any attitude, action or mindset that destroys relationships must be avoided. The country would be much better when we positively relate with one another in our spheres of operation. To make it on your own is not true success but true success is when we make it together as a nation. 

Self introspection is key to walking in humility in the context of relationships. How are my thoughts, words and actions towards others? Do I appreciate the difference in others? Do I celebrate other people’s accomplishments? Am I a fault finder or a solution finder? Do I get upset when I am rightfully corrected for wrongdoing? How do I correct others when they have done something wrong? When things are not done my way, can I still be supportive in implementing another’s idea? National progress demands that we be submissive to one another. We must embrace the mentality of nation builders. Nation builders are humble and secure in who they are; they are not in competition with anybody, but in competition with the best they can be in creating a progressive and better society. 



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