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Our present situation is characterised by a profound and desperate feeling of doubt, pride and ignorance. We are a nation that prides itself as God-fearing but the picture on the ground tells another story. We are a people who mouth the right theological language but who have nevertheless substituted orthodoxy of belief for existential commitment to God. We are hasty to tell anyone that we are the pulpit of Africa, pointing to the absence of war as one peaceful country. But a sane person knows too well that peace is not limited to the absence of war. There is no sanity in shouting peace in a nation where the preached god is money. Our age is but one in which the power of Christianity grows faint, a period of decadence. It is my conviction that our Christianity is in desperate need of new bedrock upon which to build its faith.

It is undoubted that we lack the best knowledge of who God is. Those who profess to know him too well are failing to give His portrayal in words, actions and symbols. Symbols here should not be confused with idolatry but be identified with myths. The institutional church of our age speaks of God just to make people Christians, stressing upon belonging and fellowship, tithing and free-will. It has assumed the position of making declarations about the inadequacy of other lords instead of revealing the true God.

If our churches were fertile, I would not be bringing myself to air all the dirty linen of our age, the infighting in churches, the corruption in government, poverty, crimes and immorality.
For until humankind is in a position to understand God as the ground of being and Lord, few of them will become Christians in anything but name. A lot of emaSwati are suffering a form of religious schizophrenia. Church leaders should make an introspection and determine if they are still honest to their calling. Right now it is very hard to be a Christian in our age in which religion has been watered down so as to embrace everyone.

Christianity is now accepted as nothing but a cult of joy and material pleasure. It has become another form of affirmation hence it has lost its power to transform and remake the world.
It is again my conviction that no one knows God because there is no way from humankind to God. Through Jesus Christ He revealed himself to humankind, not calling people to a new religion but to life. This is crucial.

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