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I have been recently touched by all the latest news of desperate and poverty-stricken mothers killing their children. This is a clear message that our nation needs to do a thorough introspection on the role of government towards the needy who far outnumber those who can take care of themselves.

I believe this should start with government reviewing and aligning its social welfare policies with the rest of the world. It must be clear that using tradition and religious quagmire cannot change the fact we live in a monetary-based society that has drastically changed from the traditional structure as we know it.


Yes it would be perfect if we all adhered to our teachings through traditions and religious beliefs; alas this is not possible as we clearly can see through our behavior that we are a capitalist society that has adopted western norms in our lifestyles.

This is seen in our leaders, ministers, advisors, chiefs, parliamentarians, driving big cars and living in fancy houses. These are clear indicators of where we are as a society, as we have left the traditional for modern ways.
So in this respect are we together in this journey to become a First World country and is government playing the crucial role of assisting its citizens to also leave in tune with the current world drives for better living standards for all? Which can only be achieved by a strong social welfare policy which seeks to improve the poor’s living standard, with the proper sharing of tax revenue to assist the country’s citizens to not to resort to killing or abandoning their children.

This is a clear indicator that our sexual education and health policy is failing too. As can be learned from Zambia, which had a huge problem of HIV/aids and teen pregnancies, but through a strong education system and readily available sexual health services, it managed to turn the tide.

I implore government to look at setting up orphanages and not punish parents who are poor and can’t afford to feed themselves let alone their children because of the societal ills caused by greedy and selfish individuals who only care for themselves leaving the rest to unimaginable poverty.

I do not have much, but I have assisted a number of my fellow emaSwati to buy uniform or pay top-up fees. This is despite that government provides for OVCs, however, a lot needs to be done as some are still not benefitting due to stringent and unrealistic policies.
I implore government to learn from countries like the UK, Taiwan and other top performers when it comes to social welfare and economic success, which go hand in hand.


Let’s stop blaming and look at the root causes for this heart-wrenching stories that are becoming common as the COVID-19 effects continue to hit hard on all. The poor have been especially hit hard so we need a strategic review of how we can help with food aid and social grants to the poor in this tough times. Those in the towns are suffering as much as those in rural areas as if they don’t work.
Please try ease the lockdown and open-up businesses or if that fails review the distribution of much needed aid which has raised a few concerns over its distribution and if it’s going to the right people.

Voice of the voiceless

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