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My heart was filled with joy and my face was beaming with a smile after a glance on an eye-catching headline as I was jogging around the streets of Manzini.

I must say I am very proud of this man for challenging this sensitive issue, including the Eswatini ‘religion’. I always wonder about the muti that was used to brainwash our minds; in that we always frown upon our own things as emaSwati or Africans and run to entertain things we hardly know.
Our religion was established by our forefathers long before the names of Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha were ever uttered. Missionaries arrived in Africa and called it all sorts of names.

The Witchdoctors Association Chairman Makhanya Makhanya, in a phone call, made it clear to me that they also believed in God and they consulted Him in everything they did. Makhanya further affirmed that he loved God.
Missionaries took our land, enslaved our forefathers and took our minerals only to leave us with Christianity. This is the most confused religion as you find many denominations under one religion.

Some churches teach that heaven is here on earth, while others say that one day the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and the Lord Himself will come from the clouds to take us home. Which is which really?


The reason for this confusion is that our forefathers never accepted this religion because they never understood it and on top of that, they had their own religion and that is why the missionaries started to kill them with guns, forcing them to accept what they didn’t know.

In a special way, I would love to thank the honorable MP Phila Buthelezi for raising such an important issue. You are indeed a man of honor and I believe the country would prosper if we had more people like you.

We plead with government to bring back the Eswatini religion in schools because without this religion we are nothing. Without this religion you are not a liSwati.

This religion is our pride; it is this religion that sustained our culture. It is this religion that keeps us walking even today.
The Eswatini religion is a way to go. Eswatini once in a while stood on her roots.
Eswatini must be ashamed of raising young ones who don’t even know where they came from, children who don’t know that there is an ancestor who is watching over them.

We are nurturing offspring who do not know that there are people who are able to see both the past and the future; our tangoma and healers, people who know how to make lightning and people who make rain.
Let’s not only raise Bible carriers but children who will see God in different perspectives, children who will understand the power of God.

Goodman Natureboy Maziya

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