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It saddens me when I hear of people killing themselves because of disappointments or dissatisfactions. People do not want to fail or be disappointed and cannot accept it. People always need more of what they already have, but sadly, they lose, fail and, in life, their greatest desires are never fulfilled. Then they cannot accept and choose to commit suicide. It saddens me because suicide is a sin. 

I am somehow frustrated because these people, instead of looking for a second chance they want time to be turned back, which is something that will never happen. And once they realise that, they write suicide notes and kill themselves. It is true that time lost is never regained, but another day is another chance for them.


Someone once said quitters never win, and winners never quit. This is a fact. Failing once or twice does not mean one will always be a loser. 

I will just share a slice of my life. Because of difficulties I faced in 2017, I could have ended my life but the gospel I had would not allow that. My case was not a result of my stupidity but of somebody else’s. I dropped out of school while in Form V and only returned to write the external examination in October; meaning for six months I did not go to school. In my first sitting I was considered a private candidate. I am not making it personal but I trust it will motivate many people. The story is long and emotional but through it all I showed my toughness because a man never quits, he perseveres. I got five Credits and the following year I upgraded one subject. 

In such a situation, some would have given up. I am not trying to glorify myself but I am trying to say people need to be strong and courageous. Every sad story has a successful ending. The storms people find themselves in will pass, and besides, not all storms come to destroy us but some come to clear our paths.


Prince Maseko

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