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If ever killing was as easy as blowing a candle, we would live in a planet of only filthiness and toxic odour saturation . If ever aborting a foetus was as easy as lighting a matchstick,  every time we would be crumbling in a planet of ashes. But I wonder where do people get the audacity to commit murder. They are insatiable and recalcitrant. They don’t listen to sound voices. 

Abortion is murder as life begins at conception.
Who would one be to discard God’s plan of bringing his own creature to his own planet. It excruciatingly hurts to see the rife attitudes of teenage girls dropping out from school with dreams shattered, and the future increasing in distance as they stop in the middle of the race.


I wonder what does our government think when providing free condoms  to shops and every entrance where teenagers are exposed. Maybe she is saying ‘come and collect free condoms students, I will buy more for you’. Why aren’t our children encouraged to abstain from sex at all.
Echoing baby voices weep now and then in toilets and wet trenches.
Dear abortive females, don’t be concerned of how you would raise that child. You failed to abstain, then accept it.


A child is a precious gift from God you have to appreciate regardless of any disabilities or weaknesses. Yes you are still a student, and you can’t bear that situation at hand, but remember God is always faithful to those who find a rescue to him.
It hurts to see that most of these illegal abortions are encouraged by our own mothers.

What a shame! Our own mothers we adore our wives to be like them. Giving birth to that baby is a big embarrassment, yet they are not concerned when their daughters spend two to three full days at their boyfriends’ homes.
I empathise with the innocent souls that are easily killed over nothing.

Who destroyed the world, who came with the idea of abortion?
If the innocent souls have wronged anyone, why are they not forgiven? If they committed a mistake, why are they not corrected; rather than face a death sentence before they see the wonderful planet Earth.

Let them live. Abortion shall fall! What kind of generation is our mothers breeding from their daughters?
How would life be in 2030 to come with this notoriously rife attitude? Meanwhile, I thank the Government of Eswatini for passing an Act against abortion.


This is time to see our mothers’ teachings towards their every daughters. Abortion shall fall; my heart strongly bleeds and sometimes misses a beat with this diabolic perception of today’s youth. They attribute that ‘love is the seed of all hope. It is the enticement to trust, to risk , to try and to go on’.
Ministers who could make our country insouciance are aborted. Breadwinners who could change your own families are aborted, mercilessly! These females are not content even if they have aborted millions.

Samaritans who could hire our unemployed parents without bribe, and employ our beloved sisters without having sex with them are aborted. And this is the only thing that would hold Eswatini to cry with corruption forever.


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