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Good citizens of Eswatini, life can be worth living if only you can stop whining about your predicaments but have zeal and be eager for success. Education knows neither gender, creed nor race.

It’s not about your devastating past or your current lifestyle but about you being assertive, having integrity and an ‘I can do it all’ attitude. Does the rain fall on one roof only? Just like the final examination, which does not come at different levels and at different times but we all face it at the same prescribed hour?

Who among us as prominent pupils does not want to be a cut above the rest? The horns cannot be too heavy for a cow, and this applies to mankind, which is to say an exam can be as easy as taking candy from a baby if only we can be innovative and sacrifice our precious time for our social affairs.

The mentality of thinking that we are dull must elude on our minds and we must start thinking out of the box. It’s not about proving others wrong but it is about your future and for the betterment of our country. Charity begins at home. It is true that we are all not perfect but when a frog in front falls into a pit others behind take caution.

Teachers may teach and preachers may preach but all of this will be in vain if intimacy and drinking gallons of alcohol resulting to the irking increasing rate of undesirable pregnancy and school drop outs is what we do best. We spend most of our time drinking booze, in sports, relationships and a lot of other activities, which becomes a huge dilemma come end of year. Truth is a painful reality, yes sports for pleasure but not for leisure.

Ask yourself one question; is this the legacy you want the new seeds of the coming generation to be part of? Don’t get me wrong, this is not a battle against others but an elating path to our success. Be the change you want to see in the country and do not find yourself saying ‘if I could turn back the hands of time’ because it would be too late.

G Dlamini

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