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After the rain has fallen, the birds will sing; children will dance and play to the tune of flowers growing; up out of the sand they welcome the new world with open petals, displaying colour upon colour of love and affection. The rivers will flow with the grace and energy with which you have graced this world and the sun smiles as it welcomes another force of nature. You moved the world with your charm and grace; careful not to be the only one among many; always giving and not taking.


Your footsteps are followed by generation after generation of your name. It may have not been your intention but you welcomed us with open arms; much like a spider builds its web; you were ready to fight for your family, catching all that would tarnish its name. You shone your light on us much like dawn brings day to the night; your veil of kindness blessed all who cared to listen. Your bike in a time of war may have just been a ride but to us it is a cycle of knowledge; for your wisdom was greater than the word itself. You made it easier to listen than to speak for you put others before yourself.


Yea though a dark cloud hovers above us, it too acknowledges the great man you were. Times may be tough but you saw it all; and toughed it out when vehicles made their way to our land. You saw us gain independence and celebrate our long history. Yours is a story to tell my grandchildren for that is what you showed us ... life everlasting. The skies rumble with pain, the moon shines in vain; these tears do not begin to show how torn my heart is; for even as my broad shoulders slouch in fear, you taught me there is no greater leader than He; He who waits for my ear to listen, my eyes to see the Word given for me to be wiser and stronger like you so gracefully showed while you walked the long, narrow dirt road.


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