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The average child has, over the years, been presented with mouth-watering and mind-blowing promises of a functional education that gives hope of fulfillment, pride of citizenship, gainful employment and a good life.
Education has failed Eswatini.

If we cannot live and lead by example, it means our education has failed. When our education cannot help us to co-exist peacefully, when our education cannot help us overcome bias that hinders national growth and development, when our education cannot help us see the humanity in the other man from the other side, it means it has failed.


When education does not recognise the rights, privileges and equality of the one outside us, when education cannot help us understand that our seemingly flawless and wonderful point of view could mean a seemingly wonderful point of blindness, then education has failed. When we see corruption and don’t condemn it, education has failed.

When our education cannot help us live by and maintain the rule of law and obey our Constitution, then that education has failed. When education can no longer boast of the effective ingredients of policy personnel and purpose to be guiding lights to a child, that education has failed.


 Education should shift the Eswatini child to live beyond boundaries, value human lives and tolerate opposing views.
It goes beyond mere changes in the curricula; it is rebuilding of character and conscience. It is beyond vocabulary and language of the policy; it is about the vision, virtue and life of all agents at all levels.

It touches personnel and patriotism. It is about fulfilling the promises education holds for us.
All the changes in the curriculum of education, year after year, have achieved little or no creative and measurable desirable behavioural changes in national life in the country.


Education is supposed to be the release instrument that shatters the fetters that both clip the feathers and weaken the wings and consequently shorten the flight to the height.
That is why education is perhaps the most critical aspect of a society. If education fails, the society fails. A failed society is a product of a failed government, which itself is run in accordance with a bad constitution. Inadvertently, in operating a bad constitution we have placed a death knell on our education, resulting in the failure of our society.

Colleen Matsebula

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