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Being a parent and a pupil in such times is one of the thorny realities that, whether we like it or not, have to be endured by both parties in this COVID-19 era.
Never trouble trouble unless trouble troubles you! On the contrary, we have already troubled trouble and the possibility is that we might get troubled. Hence, let us put on an amour so that when trouble comes it finds us more than ready; we cannot bear being troubled more than we have been.

The restart of lessons means everybody must be prepared for two things; either the best or the worst. The worst, to begin with, is the fever learners are carrying as they return back to school.


We literally do not know how safe they are from COVID-19, with or without PPEs. This is a fever they have to deal with for the rest of the year unless a vaccine for the virus is discovered. On top of that, schools are already stressed because exams are just around the corner.

Parents, guardians and support staff should take this as a challenge that is troubling all of us. However, we do not have strength on our own to control what will happen to them as they resume their studies or all the time on earth to follow them wherever they are going. But surely we have to rally behind them even if it costs our last breath; they are ours. If we cannot take care of them, nobody will.


Let’s make it a point that every day we provide them with the essential commodities that will render them safe from contracting the virus. Nelson Mandela once said; “Everything seems impossible until it is done.” Maybe we were used to letting them do things on their own but that’s a thing of the past.
Even if it seems impossible, we have to be immensely involved in their lives. Danger and delight grow in the same stalk. We need to take extra precautions!
This is no time to crack jokes because COVID-19 has come like a thief; to steal, kill and destroy. If preventative measures are not taken, sobbing will be on our door-steps.


Praying must be the order of the day. Not only will we be protecting pupils through prayer but also their teachers and all support staff in the kingdom.
When Peter was jailed, it is said that the church behind agglutinated with him through prayer. As a result, the angel of God came to his rescue. If we pray non-stop, God is surely going to intervene.

People living in glass houses must not throw stones because this pandemic has affected all of us. We all have children who are going back to school despite the escalating numbers of positive cases.
Let us not point fingers but support the pupils.

Wakhe Simelane

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