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The premiership role has always been of great significance among countless nations.
The success of those nations has always been predicated upon how well the premiership performed in any given situation and, as such, the role played by a prime minister cannot be overemphasised.

From the situation on the ground, one gets the feeling that this government seems to be oblivious of the current situation while sometimes, you get overwhelmed by the suspicion that a blind eye is turned on purpose.
It sounds plausible that we have succumbed to the silent killer of pretending as if you don’t see what’s going on when we all know that, indeed you can see what’s going on.

beware there is a problem

It looks like one can even be crucified for just saying, ‘beware there is a problem’, and as a result we are losing vital problem solving input from renowned people who should offer meaningful contributions but will shut their mouths lest they be sacrificed.
The Mbabane Government Hospital administration issues are atrocious and should have been solved long ago for the benefit of the masses who are forced to return home without having been assisted.

Yes we understand that COVID-19 issues have taken over but this should not be to the detriment of other patients who need assistance not related to the virus.
There is no nation under the sun that can claim immunity and non-susceptibility to problems but it has always been the wisdom of the prime minister of the time to rise to the occasion and lead the nation out of that predicament.

 I have this boggling ‘thorn in my flesh’ with regard to the government hospital scenario and I often ask myself if our current leadership is any different from the previous one and I wonder what the prime minister will say four years down the line.
I know that no leader can take decisions without much pain and, as such, I mean no harm or malice; and I don’t intend to poke our excellency’s nose and incur his wrath but seriously, this matter needs to be sorted as at yesterday.

If anybody in the higher circles of government does not see the situation as a predicament but one that is within reach of our capable Eswatini solving hands, then I pray for a hastened awakening before it’s too late.

W Nxumalo

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