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Lucky for us commoners, we can vent anyhow and waste gallons of ink and tap our common sense, however, this is not the same for others.
The country, in my opinion, has been put on a leash and destroyed the values of some of the men who are holding influential positions.

In pursuit of that hot seat and gold chains, they belittle themselves as they try to ingratiate themselves into the ruling class’ good hearts so they can be remembered on harvest time!

The country will lose good men in the long run as power is reverberating in the higher class. Is our system of governance benefiting the populace or a chosen few? The system isn’t tailored to give power to the people but there are a few who are lucky enough to get it.

People should not use the plight of the marginalised to beg for positions as it is now the case. Truly speaking, democracy doesn’t suit the African way but our old way of life (tradition, culture and tribalism) does!

Jealousy and greed

Jealousy and greed will destroy many people, alas money will always find a way to set them free from their heinous acts! Life is becoming more and more expensive to the working and unprivileged low class!

Democracy will only be when possible when we reduce the 70 per cent poverty rate and lowered to zero! Seeing the ills and poverty that is in the communities, if I had the power, I would join the call to arrest the stone-hearted, corrupt embezzlers and tenderpreneurs! But thankfully, I lack the power and courage to pull a trigger and heartlessly end a good-for-nothing life.

The African mind is the only mind that is static even after the assimilation of knowledge. Thus those in power are using that mentality to their benefit. I guess in our minds, the common sense part is truly lacking!

The Observer

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