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Even if you are living in poverty, never submit to poverty. You are truly poor and in a heap of trouble the day you stop innovating. Like everyone else, I have problems too, but I refuse to focus on the problems; instead I’m initiating solutions and if one does not work, I simply re-evaluate why it failed then learn from it. From there it’s my choice to improve on it or create a new one. One chooses whether to have an objective or an objection. Raise the standard of expectations from oneself. Every day wasted is a day you will never get back. Wait for no one, depend on yourself to create your future - your life design. Life hits, it will hit, when you think you’ve been hit hard, something new comes and grabs you by your throat.


We have a habit of talking about other people’s lives and how hard they have it so that we feel better about our situation but at the end of the day; reality is reality, and wasting time talking about the problems others are facing won’t solve your own. Realise that your biggest enemy, the most influential threat to your success, is yourself. You are your own worst enemy because that enemy within you, you don’t even notice, is wired to seek comfort and only comfort. So when challenges hit, you break down, drop to all fours and cry, whine, scream at God or even sink into a pool of liquor. You are babysitting your own destiny, not allowing yourself to grow beyond your meagre limitations. Seek comfort or you will stagnate into a pending cycle of pain and forced reaction.  Never jump off a cliff without planning for that long descent down. ‘I have a plan, its already in motion, I’m simply using strategy, and not tactics...for I finally know the difference’. These are words that were shared by a man who never got to finish his high school but is currently engaged towards creating an agricultural business of his own.


It would later dawn on me that while I concluded that he was sitting on a goldmine, he was in fact, slowly moving towards his goal. He had a plan and refused to allow other people’s opinions of him become his reality. Your potential will always remain hidden until the day you realise it and strategise towards reaping from it. Turn your own enemy into an ally, after all, you will never realise your limit without knowing how far you can reach. Keep moving forward. Let us adopt a success-oriented mentality, envision where we want to go, create a plan of action, and then implement. It is best to try, fail and try again than to never try at all, only babysitting our potential and withholding our destiny.

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